Event Risk Assessment

A comprehensive operational risk assessment designed to ensure your events are safe and secure. This is designed to risk assess all stages of events from start to finish as well as all aspects from weather to emergency plans. Ensuring your event runs as safely as possible.

Often, a completed risk assessment and control register is required by insurance companies, security contractors, medical providers, emergency services and local council prior to an event commencing.

Security Risk & Gap Assessment

Our security consultants are highly experienced in assessing security risk and applying scalable and relevant advice to ensure the safety of your organisations people, assets, and business.

A security risk and gap analysis measures the current state of protective security against ideal state and best practice components, controls, and procedures. This can be conducted routinely, upon occupying a new site or in preparation for Hostile Intruder Training and Assessment.

Hostile Intruder Training & Assessment

FERST’s Hostile Intruder Training and Assessment (HITA) Package fulfils the current Australian New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee Active Armed Offender Guidelines for Crowded Places. However, we have designed HITA to be broader in nature and not confined to an active shooter situation; it is relevant to any potential or actual hostile intrusion.

The intention of HITA is to provide a range of services focused on reducing exposure to hostile intrusion and preserving life. While the probability of a hostile intruder occurrence seems low, the consequences are high and potentially catastrophic.

The package applies the Emergency Management cycle of prevention, preparation, response, and recovery.

Crowded Places Security Audit

Our Security Consultants can assist your organisation in completing the requirements of the crowded places security audit and risk assessments with the aim to preserve functionality, decrease vulnerability, and ultimately increase the safety of your people.

Crowded places are sites and events, whereby large number of people occupy private and public spaces on a predictable basis. Crowded places are generally considered soft targets and are particularly attractive to hostile intruder and terrorists.

Emergency Risk Management

Emergency Risk Management applies the methodical process to identify, analyse, assess, treat and mitigate risks to people, property and the environment. This can range from bush fire management plans for an individual facility through to comprehensive assessments for local communities.

We aim to minimise or eliminate the hazards and provide recommendations on further action and response procedures, should an incident occur.